WAFC 1life Youth Leadership Program

The WAFC 1life Youth Leadership Program is providing the leadership skills and knowledge for young people in football to be the difference.


The West Australian Football Commission has partnered with the, 1Life to create a Youth Leadership Program for motivated young people in football.  The Youth Leadership Program will give the selected group a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with leaders, from both within and outside the football world, to develop a wide range of leadership skills.  The young academy graduates will walk away with the knowledge and skills in leadership to have an impact on their peers and their community.

The Youth Leadership Program is for youth aged 15-17 that are involved in football as a player or an umpire.  It is open to both boys & girls and has a non-talent focus.

The Youth Leadership Program will provide youth with the skills to….

  1. Be a Leader
  2. Explore your potential
  3. Be a better mate
  4. Plan for the future

Program Overview

The selected participants will get be given the opportunity to learn and develop through some once in a lifetime opportunities.  There will be a number of high profile key note speakers sharing invaluable leadership experiences.  In addition there will also be a number of facilitated group activities aimed to stimulate the mind of young leaders.

Introductory Camp

A chance to get to know your peers over the weekend

Understanding Leadership

What it takes to be a leader & some of the key leadership values

Situational Leadership

It is vital that you adapt your leadership to certain situations, whether it is around mates, or on the footy field

Youth Advocacy

Speak up on behalf of fellow youth so you can be the difference

VIP Mentoring

Listen and learn off high profile mentors to enhance your skills and explore your potential

Community Outreach

Be a better mate and reach out to those in need

YOUR Future

Where do you want do go & what do you want to do? There is endless potential and we will provide you with the skills to plan for the future


A chance to look back at what you have accomplished

Are you up for the challenge?

The Youth Leadership Program aims to develop and educate young leaders that are involved in football.  The program will provide invaluable experience to all of its attendees.  The selection process is based on an individual’s leadership potential & aspirations.

You can nominate under three categories;

  1. Community: A player at a junior community club
  2. School: A participant in a WAFC endorsed school program
  3. Umpire: A currently accredited umpire

The 9 WAFC districts will then select a representative from each of the above categories to participate in the Youth Leadership Program.


Limited positions available – Nominations close on 21st September, 2012

You are eligible to nominate if you;

  1. Are a player in a school or community football program, or an accredited umpire
  2. You were between the ages of 15-17 on 1st December 2012.

If you require more information, please contact Josh Bowler at jbowler@wafc.com.au or 0404 460 636.