Young talent competing in WAFL 16s Carnival

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 8:20 AM

More than 350 of the State’s top emerging footballers are showcasing their talent at the 2018 WAFL 16s Carnival which kicked off last month.

The six-round series of matches concludes on April 14, and following the carnival, the WA State 16s Academy selection panel will develop a list of 50 players to participate in the State 16s trial selection fixture on April 20.

At the conclusion of the trial match the WA State 16s Academy Squad for 2018 will be named. This squad will train over a 11-week period before a travelling party of 23 players will be selected to participate in the NAB AFL National 16s Championships held in Adelaide in June and on the Gold Coast in July.

This year sees a renewed focus on player development following the establishment of a new WA Talent model which has been designed following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, strong analysis of data and trends along with significant input from key partners including the AFL and WAFL Clubs.

The aim of the new WA Talent model is to provide a more consistent approach to player development in WA whilst providing enhanced levels of resources, capability and support to our players. The model will be clearly aligned to the AFL and national best practice and will be strategically and financially driven by the WA Football Commission, whilst the actual delivery of the program underpinned by a strong partnership between the WAFL clubs and the WAFC.

*All matches are 4 x 20-minute quarters with NO time-on. Breaks are 5 mins, 15 mins & 5 mins for all matches

Click here to download fixtures and program. 


Subiaco 11.7 (73) def West Perth 10.5 (65)
S Best: Page, Watts, Rogers
WP Best: Johnson, Scurria, Berry

East Fremantle 8.4 (52) def by East Perth 9.4 (58)
EF Best: Carroll, Tirant, Dann
EP Best: Dittmar, Colegate, Austen

Claremont 3.13 (31) def by Peel Thunder 4.11 (35)
C Best
: Gelavis, Kavanagh, Western
PT Best: Walsh, Ietto, Celesto

South Fremantle 8.7 (55) def Swan Districts 3.2 (26)
Best SF: Hall, Jetta, Bellchambers 
SD Best: Trew, Higgins, Cartwright

Peel Thunder 9.14 (68) def
Subiaco Subiaco 7.8 (50)
Best PT: Celesto, Winder, Hall
Best S: Schofield, Morris, Wyatt

West Perth 6.2 (38) def by East Fremantle 11.10 (76)
WP Best: Chapman, Scurria, Coles
EF Best: Blakemore, Dann, Curley

Claremont 8.8 (56) def Perth 6.5 (35)
C Best: Morgan, Western, Mentink
P Best: O'Driscoll, Evans, McDonald

South Fremantle 9.10 (64) def by East Perth 14.4 (88)
SF Best: Jetta, Fenton, Bellchambers
EP Best: King, Cann, Chadwick

East Fremantle 10.5 (65) drew with Subiaco 10.5 (65)
EF Best: DaSilva, McNally, Stedman
S Best: Schofield, Page, Watts

Peel Thunder 12.8 (80) def East Perth 10.6 (66)
PT Best: Gater, Avery, Sutherland
EP Best: Kennedy, Dittmar, Colgate

Swan Districts 16.12 (102) def Claremont 6.8 (44)
SD Best: Hewett, Cartwright, Evans-Thomson
C Best: Mentink, Western, Alvarez

Perth 4.6 (30) def by South Fremantle 14.11 (95)
P Best: O'Driscoll, McDonald, Richardson
SF Best: Bellchambers, Ward, Hall

Subiaco 12.8 (80) def East Perth 5.3 (33)
S Best: Johnson, Page, Kemp
EP Best: Thorp, Stewart, Hindle

Peel Thunder 14.5 (89) def East Fremantle 5.11 (41)
PT Best: Metcalf, Stone, Shipton
EF Best: Carroll, Stedman, Little

West Perth 9.11 (65) def Claremont 7.8 (50)
WP Best: Chapman, Pope, Taylor-Shreeve
C Best: Morgan, Mentink, Kelly

Perth 3.3 (21) def by Swan Districts 15.15 (105)
P Best: Musa, Richardson, O'Driscoll
SD Best: Ugle, McKeown, Trew

South Fremantle 12.11 (83) def Subiaco 5.4 (34)
SF Best: Plunkett, M.Bolton, Taylor
S Best: Watts, Henderson, Rogers

East Fremantle 17.12 (114) def Perth 4.7 (31)
EF Best: Dann, Curley, Gorringe
P Best: Byron, McDonald, Musa

Swan Districts 7.6 (48) def by Peel Thunder 8.11 (59) 
SD Best: McKeown, Hannan, Judge
PT Best: Trigwell, Yaccob, Stone

East Perth 7.11 (53) def by West Perth 11.9 (75)
EP Best: Thompson, King, Brooks
WP Best: Chapman, Rundle, Lawson


Saturday April 14
West Perth v South Fremantle – 10.00am – HBF Arena Joondalup
Subiaco v Swan Districts – 4.00pm – Steel Blue Oval
Claremont v East Fremantle – 5.00pm – Claremont Oval

Sunday April 15
Peel Thunder v Perth – 5.00pm – Bendigo Bank Stadium

Friday April 20
WA State 16s Trial Game

Saturday April 28
WA State 16s Academy Induction Day