WAFL top draft prospects star in State Combine

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 3:26 PM

2018 Subiaco Colts Premiership player Wil Hickmott and Next Generation Academy player Jason Carter were among the players to impress at this year’s NAB AFL State Draft Combine on Sunday, October 14.

Hickmott recorded top results in the 20 metre Sprint,  Agility test and Yo-Yo test, while Carter finished on top in the Vertical Jump and Running Vertical Jump and also impressed in the 20m Sprint.

21 WAFL players participated in testing which took place at the State Netball Centre.

Top 3 results for each test can be found below. Individual results will be published in the coming days.


20m Sprint

2.86sec       W. Hickmott

2.87sec       J. Carter

2.91sec       D. Curley


Agility Test

8.13sec       W. Hickmott

8.15sec       J. Pina

8.18sec       L. Miller


Vertical Jump

77cm          J. Carter

75cm          T. Watson

74cm          K. Eaton


Running Vertical Jump

90cm          J. Carter

89cm          D. Curley

86cm          W. Hickmott



21.3       W. Hickmott

21.1       J. Pina

20.8       J. Mayo/T. Medhat