East Perth AGM 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 12:42 PM

East Perth's Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday the 10th of February in the East Perth Members Bar at Leederville Oval. The meeting was attended by over 100 members

President Bronte Howson was an apology for the meeting, having been called on an urgent work trip. In his absence Director Geoff Bailey delivered the President’s Report outlining that 2018 was a year of big decisions for the future of the East Perth Football Club. Outlining the Board’s decision to leave the partnership with the West Coast Eagles and thanking the Eagles for their support and efforts over the past six seasons. The club is also in the process of updating its constitution in line with the Incorporations Act.

The club is pleased to announce a surplus of $91,971 for 2018. This was a tremendous effort given significant hurdles the club endured in 2018, largely due to economic conditions affecting sponsorship and fundraising efforts. With East Perth moving back to a traditional club model, the financial pressure on the club increases significantly. The positivity surrounding the club was easy to see and all members were encouraged to help where they can.

It was decided by the Board that the proposed changes to the constitution be held for a Special General Meeting in the coming weeks. All members will be advised of the updates and meeting date in line with the procedures in the current constitution.

Head Coach Jeremy Barnard addressed the members in a rousing speech about what it means for him to lead the Royals in this new chapter of the club’s history. Barnard was grateful to be back at the club amongst so many familiar faces and good people. He detailed that the squad is training three nights a week for four hours a session including traditional training, gym work and game education. He spoke of the importance of our players knowing the game plan and being able to execute it. Jeremy is also looking forward to having a greater connection between the players, members and supporters. The club will be looking for new and exciting ways for everyone in the club to interact throughout the season.

The Club would like to thank all the Members who attended and stayed for fellowship afterwards.