Royals PP & O New Members

Friday, March 8, 2019 - 2:42 PM

Letter to all members, former players, volunteers and supporters of the East Perth Football Club

As we are all aware by now the club has ended its alignment with the West Coast Eagles and is now back to being a standalone WAFL club. The Past Players and Officials Club (PP & O) is an integral part of the club. It is not just for those who were players or an official, it IS for fellowship of EPFC members and as such is open to EPFC members.

The PP & O are an integral part of the clubs fund raising process, last year we raised $11k through raffles, the canteen and other methods. We used this to provide the post-game feed for the colts after home games, provide the Reserves with a sausage or two after their games and undertake handyman activities around the club – including construction of the new memorabilia area and painting of the change rooms. We have also had player’s tea for the colts, league & futures squads.

A significant contribution is through awards at the Fairest and Best night. Last season this amounted to $2000

The funds also provide for half time feeds and drinks that are enjoyed by the PP&O members, not just of our club but also opposition club’s PP&O members. This is a reciprocal arrangement so when you visit Moss St, Lathlain Park, Basso etc. there is a half time function for you to attend and meet up with folk with a similar view of WAFL fellowship

To enable us to continue to provide this support we are looking for new and past members of the PP & O to join up. To join you must be an East Perth 2019 Member. The cost is $30 per year, plus we do look for a donation to assist with the half time costs, but this is more than offset by the food and drinks over the year.

The PP & O do reserve the right to consider folk wishing to be part of the fellowship with the committee having the final say on acceptance.

If you are interested then please contact Alan Munachen - and I will send you a membership form and payment details.