A Player's Perspective: Scott Jones

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 2:00 PM by Katie de Haer

Scott Jones says having the routine of work to keep himself busy during the coronavirus crisis has been important.

Jones is a mechanic with Audi and says the consistency of routine has been beneficial.  

“I’m one of the lucky ones where work still continues.

“I know a couple of the other boys have had casual jobs between uni and stuff like that halted or loss of work, which is difficult in these times.

“But the club has been able to help out those guys a bit and we’ve been able to really focus in and rely on each other. 

“Having that routine has been nice.”

East Perth players have been training away from the club since mid-March, with the WAFL season postponed until at least May 31. A decision on a return to train and play date is likely in the coming weeks. 

“It’s an interesting situation that we’re all in, but it is out of our hands really.

“We just have to follow the same rules that every other competition is adhering to and see it as another challenge for us. 

“It’s an extended pre-season, in some ways, so we just have to bite the bullet, keep training away from the club and wait for the call for when we’re allowed to restart at the club and start playing games.”

Jones has been training alongside teammate Ciaran Allsop for some of the running sessions.

“It’s pretty much just like an off-season program for us,” Jones said.

“I’ve been running with Ciaran recently. It’s been nice to have a bit of a relaxed sort of session rather than the high intensity sessions where you build into games.

“A lot of guys are using the time as a bit of a mental detox, staying focused on trying to keep fit.”   

While working on an individual program has its challenges, Jones says that the club is committed to making sure the playing group remains connected.

“We’re always talking and keeping in contact with Barney (Jeremy Barnard) and the other coaches.

“We’ve been watching a bit of vision and working through the game plan still so we’re all on top of things when the season returns.” 

The State Government recently split WA into nine intrastate regions meaning Jones, who hails from Busselton, was unable to visit his family over the Easter break. 

“It was a little bit frustrating over Easter. I know my sister who lives out in Kambalda was hoping to come back to Busselton to see mum and dad but she wasn’t able to leave either,” he said.

“It’s been a bit of an interesting time, but we’re lucky to have the technology like Facetime and video calls to keep in touch that way.

“It’ll probably be one of the first things I do once the travel bans are lifted, to go down and go see mum and dad and see how they’ve been going through everything.”

Jones, who returned to the Royals in October following two seasons on Fremantle’s playing list, said the players would be raring to go, whenever they get the green light. 

“All the boys are really keen and can’t wait for the season to start, whenever that may be. Hopefully we’ll get an answer on some football this year.

“There’s obviously some bigger things going on at the moment, but as long as health and safety is the number one priority, we’ll do whatever we can to get out on the park very soon.”