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Proposed Amendment to the Constitution

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 3:37 PM

The East Perth Football Club would like to acknowledge that Life Member and current Director Tom Percy QC has proposed the following amendment to the East Perth Football Club Constitution.

In accordance with Rule 36 of the Constitution, CEO Dean Turner was advised of this intended change on the 16th of November

Under Rule 36.1, this amendment will be presented at the AGM on Sunday the 19th of December and voted on by present Members at this meeting. The amendment needs a two thirds majority of the present voting members to pass.


Rule Overview Comments
22.1 Change number of Board Directors from 7 to 8 This change is proposed to allow for
- The creation of the Inclusion and Diversity portfolio, and the need for this to be serviced and administered correctly, demands it be a primary portfolio for a Director.
- New governance standards stating a desire to have 50% female representation on the Board"