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Zac Hill Joins East Perth - Exclusive Interview!

Friday, December 1, 2023 - 3:01 PM

The East Perth Football Club is excited to announce the signing of experienced WAFL player and 2023 Peel Football and Netball League leading goal kicker Zac Hill. 

Zac has WAFL experience, running out 55 games at League level in the backline for Perth between 2018 and 2022. In 2023, Zac ventured south, taking up a position with the Centrals Football and Netball Club in the Peel Football & Netball League, where he made the transitioned to a forward role. 

Zac saw great success, kicking 56 goals across 18 games, including a six-goal game against Rockingham in round 2, seven-goal hauls against Mandurah Mustangs in both round 3 and round 12, and eight against Halls Head in round 15.

He kicked 2 goals against the Pinjarra Tigers in the Grand Final, taking out the 2023 Premiership with Centrals Football and Netball. 

We caught up with Zac ahead of his second training session at East Perth (which happened to be 2KM Time Trial day!). Hear what he has to say about joining the ‘Royal Army’ and what he hopes to achieve in 2024. 

This is your second training session. How have you settled in at East Perth so far? 
I have settled in really well. Been getting to know a lot of the boys, obviously, learning a lot of names so far! But first session, really enjoyed it, looking forward to the rest of the preseason. 

Quickly describe your footballing journey for members who might not be familiar with you. 
I started in the country at Cunderdin Football Club, before moving to Northam, and then coming to play for Perth for about 6 years. Last year I played in Mundijong for the Centrals, and now to East Perth. 

You’ve recently transitioned from playing in defence to being up front. How did that come about? 
I played most of my career in defence, it’s where I was taught to play the game and sort of where I was pigeonholed at Perth a little bit. I always thought I could play forward, and never really got the opportunity. So going out to the country last year, I was able to bring that opportunity about, the coach backed me in, and it worked! 

You kicked 56 goals across 18 games in the Peel Football League last year. How did that feel? 
I hadn’t kicked a goal in a long time – it's quite enjoyable, kicking goals, and it’s a feeling that I really enjoy, rather than just stopping blokes from kicking goals all the time. So, absolutely love the feeling. 

What excites you most for the 2024 season? 
The proposition of this club and the trajectory it seems to be on, on the way up, and I feel like the culture here is good as any club going round.  I feel this team, after making finals last year, can really accelerate and go better next year. 

What is your main goal for next year? 
I hope to consolidate my spot in the team up front, and hopefully make finals as a team, and go better in finals than last year.

What do you do outside of football, and what are some of your hobbies and interests? 
Outside of football I’m a phys-ed teacher, and woodwork teacher too. I really enjoy listening to music, catching up with friends, and socialising. 

We’ve been told you’ve got a nickname that you're not too fond of – can you share what that is and where it came from? 
Got given a nickname that I can't really shake – it's followed me to East Perth apparently! A bloke just started calling me ‘Hollywood’ at training one day last year, for no apparent reason, and it just sort of stuck. Playing forward, everyone started calling me ‘Hollywood’, kicking goals.  

Finally, what is your prediction for your time trial? 
I’ve done a fair few of these in my time now – I feel like I’m getting on. I feel I’ll run about a 7.20. 


Here's hoping Zac can make an impact up front for the Royals in 2024!
And for the record, he ran a 7.21.