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Back Into Winning Groove by Alan East

Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 11:15 PM

Commitment and confidence – they were the two Cs that Royals coach Brian Dawson relied on to see East Perth back into the winner’s circle with an upset victory over last year’s runner’s-up East Fremantle down at Shark Park on Saturday.

After several disappointing outings, the Royals used the bye weekend to re-focus their approach and Saturday’s win saw a greater level of commitment.
“We showed more of what we are renowned for,” says Dawson. “Confidence was back and they showed real commitment.

“We always fancied we could win down at East Fremantle, but we still have a lot to do. We need to push on in several areas, particularly our skills.

“We always felt we were playing below par and it was just a matter of working through things.”

Dawson concedes that several players were probably fortunate to be there on Saturday, but he held faith in the squad.

The injection of several first-year players has given the team a fresh look, with Ashley Boyes and Arthur Bennell doing particularly well over the last two games.

The experienced Michael Swan is still a few weeks away, but Dean Cadwallader could be back this week and it’s possible that Eagles pair Matt Rosa and newcomer Sharrod Wellingham might be available.

Dawson is looking forward to this Thursday’s Anzac Day clash with Perth at Lathlain Park (Browne’s Stadium) – one of his own former home grounds.
“It’s a respectful day to play footy and we think it’s really important,” he added.